Autumn Sales

Back to school, back to work, back to weekday boredom? We feel it too.

So, hopefully this will perk some of you up, we’re having a massive autumn sale here at HurtCraft.

Up to 35% off VIP membership packages!

As you know, VIP members are what keep our servers alive and moving forward. Without them, we’d quickly die off. So please, if you enjoy playing on our servers, consider supporting us (and getting some nice shit in return!) by purchasing a VIP membership.

Check out the full range of discounts being offered during this time here, or by clicking the Store button on the above menu. Remember, sale ends October 3rd 2016, so act fast!


Happy gaming,

HurtCraft Support

Server changes.. tell us what you think!

As things have changed over time, the populations of our servers have been changing too. Originally, the HURTCRAFT X10 was the most popular of our servers. However, these days it seems to compete for players with our other, similar servers – X50 and X100.
We are thinking about shutting down 1 or even 2 of these servers because, X50 is close enough to X10 and X100 is close enough to X250 that the players from one should have just as much fun in another. So hopefully, if for example we closed the X50 server, the players from there would migrate to X10 and everyone would have a better time!
To VIPs – don’t worry if you have a VIP membership on a server that closes, simply e-mail with your Steam profile address / SteamID64 and say which of our other servers you would like your VIP status to be moved to!


Which server should we shut down?
9 Vote
17 Vote
24 Vote

We may replace one of the servers with a lower gather server to accomodate more serious players.

Which of these would you prefer to play on?
1 Vote
1 Vote
0 Vote
2 Vote
34 Vote

Diamond VIP unveiled


Full loadout kit every 2 hours, all the parts for cars and quads and a tasty looking nametag that lets everyone know not to fuck with you.

As a bonus, the first 3 people to upgrade to Diamond will be able to choose another player to be awarded free Iron VIP membership!

Check it out here

Also to existing VIP members – you can upgrade your membership by paying only the difference between your current and desired VIP levels. For example, if you’re Bronze, you can buy 1 Bronze + 1 Iron and be upgraded to Silver. Add me on Steam to discuss this.


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Performance tweaks

So I’ve been screwing around with the settings to squeeze more out of the servers, hopefully now everyone will experience less lag when playing, particularly on the highest gather servers (X100, X250).

In other news, we’re currently waiting on our own HurtCraft developer to finish an exciting new custom plugin which will go with a whole new server and gamemode! I don’t want to give anything away yet but, it will be team-based and has massive potential! It’s based off one of the most popular game modes ever 🙂

Do the servers perform better since 05/09/2016?
59 Vote
7 Vote


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You can now view your position in-game on these LIVE maps! Or go to the Maps page from the menu, any time.

Use Sign-In Through Steam button to log in and view your position and share it with others. As with voting for the servers, it’s recommended to use the Steam overlay web browser as then you won’t need to log in to your e-mail for that annoying Steam guard thing 🙂


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Suggestions, Glitches, Changes

Today’s news is a 3-parter;

  1. We’d like to hear suggestions from you about how to improve our servers – how to make it more fun! Let us know your thoughts through the Support pages or Forum thread

  2. We have discovered a glitch since the latest update that allows people to shoot through the walls of player homes. If you are effected by someone doing this please just be patient, move to another home or area and wait for the development team to release a fix. We’ve attempted to contact them, but hopefully they’re already working on a fix for this.

  3. We’ve made some changes to the way the servers run lately. Some of these include Raid time (18:00 GMT and 00:00 GMT) events and longer durations for decay. As always, you can share any thoughts about these changes in the same way as any suggestions – through Support or Forum sections.

Lastly, as a sidenote, all servers were wiped on Friday 24/06/2016 by force due to a Hurtworld core update.

Here’s to another epic season on the HurtCraft servers!

Happy gaming,


Connection Issues?

Before you send us a ticket, please restart Steam. It seems to be something to do with EAC or Steam auth or such.

Happy gaming,


Game Servers To Rent

Yep, we have some extra room. For just 21 euros per month you can have your own 60 slot Hurtworld server.

24/7 online, full admin, FTP access, 10gb/s connection. Pretty sure this is the cheapest deal going, but slots are very limited.. maybe only 1 or 2 available!

So if you’re interested please make a support ticket and include your steam profile address!


Summer Facebook Giveaway

Want free VIP for your favourite server? Then read on..

All you have to do is like the HurtCraft Facebook page and like and share this post.

On 01.07.2016 a winner will be randomly chosen and will receive free Silver VIP membership on the server of their choice!

In other news, we now have a support system so that you can report anything that bothers you – drop rates, cheaters, late wipes, staff abuse, server errors, etc. If you have anything you need to tell us, here is where you can do it.

Happy gaming,


X5 abolished, trying X1

So after a good try, it’s been decided that the X5 NO TP server was never going to take off.

In its place we now have X1 VANILLA INFINI. This server is to be identical to official servers only with all the gameplay enhancing modifications you’ve come to expect on HurtCraft servers, such as car tuning and /removeclaim. There is, of course, no teleports. While this isn’t a popular choice, we’re sure there is a section of you out there who want an improved vanilla experience, so we’re hoping you’ll make your home there.

You can join the X1 server by pressing F1 ingame to open the console, and pasting this (then hit enter!):


Happy gaming!