PVP Video

Check out one of our top supporters KICKING ASS in this video montage by Yherz.

Get inspired and go murder some noobs on your favorite HurtCraft server!


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Minecraft Launch & HurtCraft X10 Re-Launch!

Join our PURE SURVIVAL Minecraft server now!

It has everything you’d want in a Survival mode server, including PVP, redstone and rain, which are usually disabled on most servers.

Come build a house! Add server IP: raidiation.co.uk

The server supports both cracked and legitimate players.

Additionally, our beloved HurtCraft X10 (the first HurtCraft server there ever was, over a year ago) has changed and wiped, today 12/05/2017.

We’re now trying it as a “back-to-basics” type of server. There is No TP, No Shop, No Money, No Homes, No Warps and No Bounties!

For those of you who do not like the unrealistic and casualised gameplay you get with teleports and in-game shops, you should enjoy this a lot more! It’s just like an Official server, but with X10 gather rate and a few useful commands we thought you’d miss if removed.

In reflection of this, it’s now named “HURTCRAFT X10/SEMI-VANILLA/NO TP“. Come see how it is to play without magic powers again 😉


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April Play Time Competition Over – Winners Announced

So here are the winners, those who had the #1 most hours played on each server for the month of April 2017, as seen on /top5

These players have all won 1 month Silver VIP for free! Have fun, guys, you earned it.

X3 : Hugus

X10 : [MGA] Bomberpilot

X50 : * kacpi *

X250 : Leksa kom Trikru

Pay attention for the next play time competition coming up in June!

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Easter Sale Over

Next up – Summer Sale! Look out for the announcement about that some time in June

Secondly, a lot of people are asking when the wipe will be on X50. That server wipes, on average, every 6 weeks. It just wiped on 14/04/2017 so it won’t wipe again until AT LEAST 28/05/2017. Join us there!

Here’s a little shot of the awesome Small Rad night time cityscape in-game on X50 RIGHT NOW!


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Yes, easter sale has arrived.

Up to 50% off Gold and Silver VIP membership!!

available on all of our Hurtworld servers from now until the end of April 2017

Click here to check it out now!


In other news, our X3 server is accelerating lately, take a look.. it’s pretty hardcore for a modded server.

On HurtCraft’s ongoing development: First of all, we’ve added support for the new languages Dutch (NL) and Polish (PL) for most of our text interfaces and commands on all servers! Thanks to Senjan for helping with the Polish translations and Badslipper for helping with the Dutch.

Secondly, we’re wanting to make some major changes to X10 server, to make it stand out as an interesting and unique server. One option is changing to Full Loot mode, meaning you’d leave behind all of your items when you die, like on Rust. Since there aren’t a lot of those around, it might be good, and we could make it easier to get certain items to balance it out a little, perhaps. We will likely also change the map next wipe to something new, current favorite choice is city_survival. If you have a better idea, post it on the new Development forum.

Change X10 to Full Loot? (Drop all on death)
41 Vote
32 Vote

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New Rust Network : RAIDIATION.co.uk

We have a new sister network now, please welcome RAIDIATION.co.uk to the HurtCraft family!
Do you play Rust? JOIN US!

connect raidiation.co.uk:29015

Or just search RAIDIATION from the Rust server browser.


X3, MEGA KITS, C4 KIT, LOOT++, TOWN, TRADE, LONG DAYS and so on… get in here. Looking for staff, too.


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Full Loot Mode? Good, or Bad?

So we want to know how you’d feel about a full loot mode server. Please participate in the following survey question:

Which server, if any, should we switch to Full Loot (drop everything every time you die)
56 Vote
18 Vote
25 Vote
70 Vote
38 Vote


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