Full Loot Mode? Good, or Bad?

So we want to know how you’d feel about a full loot mode server. Please participate in the following survey question:

Which server, if any, should we switch to Full Loot (drop everything every time you die)
59 Vote
18 Vote
26 Vote
74 Vote
38 Vote


Happy gaming,

HurtCraft Support

Duel Arena, Suicide Command, New VIP perks, New “Help” system, Custom Map Incoming

One of our servers is going to switch to a custom map next wipe! Click here to read more and enter the vote!

From the time that each server next wipes, it will have our new DUEL ARENA!

You’ll be able to make requests to other players at any time to duel for money. If they accept, you’ll both be taken to the arena to deathmatch! If you win, you’ll get your money back aswell as theirs, doubling the bet you placed. Currently active on our X250 server!

Also, all players will now have the ability to /suicide to kill themselves rather than having to break immersion even more by opening the in-game console to do it. You may also notice torch lights turning themselves on at night now, giving you the opportunity to create unreachable Light Posts around your houses.

In addition to these new features, we have recreated a more advanced Help system for you. Access the main menu in-game by simply saying /help in chat. This will point you to other help pages – /viphelp, /commands, /vote, /links, etc. Lastly on this topic, we’ve added a short tutorial / set of guidelines to help new players understand how to not get raided.┬áYou can check that out in-game by writing /buildtips

For VIPs some even cooler new benefits. You’ll find you can now send offline messages to players and have your doors close automatically behind you. Use /viphelp in-game to see how! We’re restricting these to VIPs not just because they pay for the servers but also to keep resource usage from these features low.

As ever, VIP membership serves to help the players who keep us alive by saving them time in-game. If you like the servers and the way we run them, consider upgrading! If not, we hope you continue having fun on our servers just the same! ­čÖé

Happy gaming,

HurtCraft Support

Custom Map Server

We’re going to try one of the awesome community-made Workshop maps on one of our servers on it’s next wipe.

Which server should have the custom map?
12 Vote
73 Vote
33 Vote
40 Vote
Which custom map should we try?
Drillsite Deathmatch
0 Vote
City Survival
13 Vote
Terra Nova
2 Vote
12 Vote
War Zone Land
3 Vote
Diemensland V2
99 Vote
0 Vote
Dust Town
1 Vote

Building Competition!

Competition time!


Prize: 1 month Silver VIP on any of our servers

How to enter: Post the picture of the most impressive house you can build here

How to win: Receive the most votes for your picture

Rules: Only people registered on the forum can enter or vote. Rigging the votes with multiple accounts not allowed. Closing date 22/02/2017. Votes then taken for 1 week after.

Christmas sale is over, but New Year Contest begins!

Happy new year hurtcrafters!

To celebrate we’re going to try a promotion aimed at any skilled youtubers we have among us.

Free 1 Year Gold VIP membership on any one of our servers to the first person who makes a YouTube video which:

  1. Has over 1,000 likes
  2. Over 10,000 views
  3. Is in English
  4. Advertises at least 1 of the HurtCraft servers

To compete, post your video on this forum thread.

In the case that more than one person achieves this, the winner will be the person with the most likes on their video.

Also, we let the Christmas sale run on but it’s finally ended today, as always we thank all supporters for keeping us alive!


Happy new year & gaming,

HurtCraft Support

Christmas SALE!

Meeeerrry christmas to all, pro and noob alike!

To celebrate we have a massive 20% off christmas sale going on here. If you ever wanted VIP membership, now is the time to grab it!
Go to our store to see all the cheap deals on offer!
Also our X1000/Domination server is picking up. Join the fun! Open the console in Hurtworld and write:

connect hurtcraft.com:14871

Happy holidays,
HurtCraft Support

HURTCRAFT® X1000 Domination Battlefield Server

So finally we have something new for you all, we hope you like it.

This is the same basic game, but with a new feature – Control points. There are 4 points – Bank, Mine, Bullet Factory and Gas Station.

Control the point to earn the rewards! Only the strongest clans will thrive in here! Oh.. and it’s X1000, but there’s a twist! Play and find out


If you have any suggestions for this new server, or any of our servers, drop a post on the Forums.

We already have some cool updates planned for this game mode, which will start from next wipe.


Happy gaming as ever,

HurtCraft Support

X100 Server Shut Down – X1 Server Opened

After looking over the votes about this topic, we’ve decided to replace the X100 server with a X1 server.

All players of the X100 server should choose to move to either our X50 or X250 servers. Any player with a VIP membership on X100 may request to have their VIP status transferred to any other HurtCraft┬« server. Just e-mail support@hurtcraft.com stating your SteamID64 and which server you’d like it moved to.

For those wishing to try the new X1 experience, the address is the same as the old X100 was. We hope this will cater to players who have a desire for more hardcore, vanilla Hurtworld gaming. The X1 will be the same as official servers, but with the mods you’ve come to expect on our servers. More building parts, kits, teleport and so on.

Should we change the X1 server to...
10 Vote
6 Vote
161 Vote
Should we remove teleport and kits from the X1 server?
Yes remove them both
21 Vote
No keep both
108 Vote
Remove only teleport
4 Vote
Remove only kits
10 Vote


Hope you enjoy the new server,

Happy gaming,

HurtCraft Support