Minecraft Launch & HurtCraft X10 Re-Launch!

Join our PURE SURVIVAL Minecraft server now!

It has everything you’d want in a Survival mode server, including PVP, redstone and rain, which are usually disabled on most servers.

Come build a house! Add server IP: raidiation.co.uk

The server supports both cracked and legitimate players.

Additionally, our beloved HurtCraft X10 (the first HurtCraft server there ever was, over a year ago) has changed and wiped, today 12/05/2017.

We’re now trying it as a “back-to-basics” type of server. There is No TP, No Shop, No Money, No Homes, No Warps and No Bounties!

For those of you who do not like the unrealistic and casualised gameplay you get with teleports and in-game shops, you should enjoy this a lot more! It’s just like an Official server, but with X10 gather rate and a few useful commands we thought you’d miss if removed.

In reflection of this, it’s now named “HURTCRAFT X10/SEMI-VANILLA/NO TP“. Come see how it is to play without magic powers again 😉


Happy gaming,

HurtCraft Support