HurtCraft Shop will be closing sometime before 1st May 2019 for an indefinite length of time.
If you planned to get VIP or you want to be sure you have it in the coming months, this may be your last chance for a while!

Q: Are the servers shutting down too?
A: No, we will keep everything online

Q: Will I still keep the VIP I already bought?
A: Yes, of course! This just means there can be no new VIPs during that time. Loyalty bonuses will still run as normal

Q: Will the Shop ever come back?
A: Yes, we expect to re-open in 1 – 3 months

Lastly I wanna thank everyone who has ever supported us, you’re the reason we are still here ! And those who donated recently are going to be the reason we can make it through this <3
Happy gaming!