Celebrate the summer with sun, good music, video games and a massive 50% off ALL HurtCraft Shop orders for EVERYONE!

This sale will run all through summer, ending 01/09/2018!

Hurtworld may getting slower but HurtCraft is still a wild circus of fun. Thanks to every single player that has featured in our amazing history!

You’ve all made this one hell of an epic journey.. and it’s not over yet! We plan to be around long after ItemV2’s full release.

Small Rad

The Hurtworld developers have assured us that they plan to stick with the game until it’s finished, so there’s plenty of hope for the future.

In case you are getting bored of the game yourself, we invite you to take a look at our favourite new server for Rust: ArmyRust™


Happy summer & happy gaming,

HurtCraft Support