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Gold VIP




Instant Delivery

The following description does not apply to ItemV2 servers – ItemV2 version is detailed in picture above

Once delivered, simply use /kit gold to claim your kit.

This VIP membership comes with:

  • A Gold (VIP) tag
  • 4 additional saved homes (7 homes max)
  • Exclusive VIP diceroll (/roll vip)
  • Switch spawn stake command (/setspawn)
  • Send mail command (/mail <player> <message>)
  • Global chat command (/me <message>)
  • VIP help command (/viphelp)
  • Faster /warp cooldown
  • Faster /home cooldown
  • Faster /tpr cooldown
  • Double the rewards for voting
  • Password for private VIP channel on our TS3
  • An extra build kit

And the main Gold VIP kit which can be used..

On X3 server: Every 60 hours

On X500 server: Every 36 hours

.. to get:

  • 5x C4
  • 1x Mining Bow
  • 1x Snare Bow
  • 1x Car Hunting Bow (Double Damage)
  • 1x Car Lights
  • 1x Red Winter Jacket
  • 1x Emo Hair
  • 1x Hair Color 2
  • 1x Hair Color 3
  • 1x Boar Backpack
  • 1x Clean Shave
  • 1x Rubber Boots
  • 1x Rubber Gloves
  • 1x Shotgun
  • 1x Gold Axe
  • 1x Ultranium Pickaxe
  • 1x Assault Rifle Auto
  • 1x Bolt Action Rifle
  • 1x Hammer
  • 1x Powerful Roach Engine
  • 1x Powerful Quad Engine
  • 1x Powerful Bike Engine
  • 10x Storage Locker
  • 255x Animal Fat
  • 510x Shaped Iron
  • 510x Shaped Titranium
  • 510x Shaped Mondinium
  • 510x Shaped Ultranium
  • 255x Amber
  • 255x Shotgun Shell
  • 255x AR Bullet
  • 255x Rifle Bullet
  • 255x Sasquatch Pelt
  • 255x Arctic Pelt

Each month is regarded as 30 days. 1 year is 365 days. Average delivery time: 1 – 6 hours. This item is subject to change at any time. If this occurs it will likely be due to rebalancing and/or to include newly released in-game items. If you later find that it has changed to your distaste, please don’t hesitate to make a complaint through our forums or support channels (email: All complaints and suggestions are taken into consideration. Happy gaming!

Additional information

How long do you want to be VIP?

1 month, 3 months

And which server?

X3, X500, ITEMV2


  1. Belgianshooter420 (verified owner)

    Great kit. very usefull when you get raided or when the server is wiped. But also for the kit gold. 5c4 each 36 hours is very nice.

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