Gold VIP


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Instant Delivery

Once delivered, simply use /kit gold to claim your kit.

This VIP membership comes with:

  • A VIP chat tag
  • 75 free lottery tickets
  • 3 additional saved homes (5 homes max)
  • Global chat command (/me <message>)
  • Building owner information command (/who)
  • VIP help command (/viphelp)
  • Faster teleport cooldowns
  • 2 kits, shown in picture above

Each month is regarded as 30 days. 1 year is 365 days. Average delivery time: 1 – 6 hours. This item is subject to change at any time. If this occurs it will likely be due to rebalancing and/or to include newly released in-game items. If you later find that it has changed to your distaste, please don’t hesitate to make a complaint through our forums or support channels (email: All complaints and suggestions are taken into consideration. Happy gaming!

Additional information

How long do you want to be VIP?

1 month, 3 months

And which server?

V2 X100, V2 X5