This is your true, old-school admin, with the maximal powers an admin can have including godmode and noclip
They CANNOT spawn items. At all.
A step above mods, admins have the powers needed to investigate issues including direct teleport to players without timer
Mods are the ‘lookouts’ of the servers, they can mute people for various good reasons and start votes when asked to or given permission to by a higher rank

Application and progression

To apply to be a member of staff, click here and read EVERYTHING!
Progressing through the staff ranks takes a very long time, so if you just want to abuse godmode for some lulz tomorrow night, you’d better try somewhere else!

The Process

The new system is simple:
1. Player X applies to be mod
2. 3 other players must post in support of Player X’s application for him to receive approval
3. If other players post negatively about Player X, his application may not be approved


Report abuses of admin power to support@hurtcraft.com
Please try to record some kind of proof that what you are claiming is actually true
We pride ourselves on taking every step possible to ensure that our staff do not abuse their positions.

Happy gaming,
HurtCraft Support